Bringing Decentralised Technologies To The Global Economy

Pluto Digital PLC (Pluto) is a crypto technology and operations company that makes Web 3.0 Decentralised Finance (DeFi) more accessible to all.

Pluto is making DeFi available to everyone through products and services created by Pluto’s software development Labs division, new yield farming strategies through Pluto’s Yield division and collaborating with emerging DeFi projects and the NFT metaverse through Pluto’s Ventures division.

Proudly Presenting the YOP Private Launch!

We are delighted to announce that the YOP Private Launch is a officially open for anyone who has a YOP NFT. Earn APY in vaults, try your hand at staking and learn more about DeFi and the platform.

DeFi: An Unstoppable Wave?

Pluto’s mission is to make DeFi more accessible to everyone. Today we are releasing a primer on DeFi, for newcomers to the sector called “DeFi: An Unstoppable Wave?



YOP Boards Pluto MotherShip

Pluto Digital PLC takes over YOP DeFi Project.

Plans Huge Relaunch as YOP 2.0.

Pluto intends to reimagine, redevelop and relaunch the YOP platform and to support the existing protocol, community and $YOP token.


rocket pluto
rocket pluto

Pluto Labs

Pluto Labs is building the next generation of products and services for accessing DeFi Protocols by:

  • Developing innovating, intuitive and easy to use DeFi user interfaces
  • Integrating with existing and emerging DeFi Protocol
  • Building new Vaults and Yield Strategies
  • Collaborating with new DeFi projects that are incubated by Pluto Ventures
Pluto Labs
Pluto Yield

Pluto Yield

Pluto Yield is innovating in the DeFi ecosystem to generate revenue by: 

  • Providing liquidity to Decentralised Exchanges (DEXs) 
  • Staking tokens to secure blockchains and protocols 
  • Running proof of stake validator nodes 
  • Exploring new and emerging Yield Farming opportunities

Pluto Ventures

Pluto Ventures is enhancing the crypto and DeFi ecosystem by:

  • Collaborating with early stage technology projects
  • Building a treasury of major digital assets
  • Curating a collection of digital artwork and NFTs
  • Collaborating with NFT providers in the NFT Metaverse 
Pluto Ventures
Pluto Team

Pluto Team

The Pluto Team is working together to cross new frontiers:

  • Comprehensive technical and industry experience in Web 3.0, DeFi and distributed computing
  • Depth of knowledge and connections in the NFT Ecosystem
  • Extensive network developed over years of experience in the UK, across Europe and also Silicon Valley
  • Successful prior technology, entrepreneurship and investment management experience / results including early stage investments

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