Pluto Labs

Building the next generation of products and services for accessing DeFi Protocols

Developing innovating, intuitive and easy to use interfaces

At Pluto, we believe that DeFi should be widely available and accessible to everyone. This is not currently the case – there is a high barrier to entry and a steep learning curve to access most of the existing DeFi Protocols. 

Our team of top developers, drawing on deep user interaction, open source and smart contract development experience are building solutions that are easy to understand, intuitive to use and make it possible for anyone to enter the DeFi space, with no prior knowledge assumed.

Developing Innovating
DeFi Protocol
Integrating with existing and emerging DeFi Protocol

While the usability of many of the existing DeFi solutions (which tend to be called “Protocols” in the DeFi space) is less than ideal, the technology behind these Protocols is immensely impressive.

We believe that these Protocols are the fundamental building blocks for the future of DeFi and are building out integrations to the top Protocols so that our users have easy access to these Protocols without having to go through the steep learning curve required to access them directly. In addition, we are building value-add layers on top of these Protocols to allow our users to seamlessly interact with multiple protocols from a single interface.

Building new Vaults and Yield Strategies

A vault in DeFi is a collection of funds from multiple participants that has a Yield Strategy associated with it for earning returns. These returns are typically in the form of interest earned on deposited crypto assets, as well as new incentive tokens from the Protocols being used.

At Pluto, we are continually monitoring the DeFi ecosystem for the best Protocols in terms of safety, security and return on investment. We then build Vaults and Strategies to maximise the potential return while minimising risk by diversifying across multiple Protocols.

New Strategies
Collaborating New DeFi
Collaborating with new DeFi projects that are incubated by Pluto Ventures

Creativity comes from collaboration and the best ideas are the ones that happen when we work with others – especially those outside our immediate network.

We work with the best and brightest minds in the DeFi space on collaborative projects that are greater than the sum of their parts. By working together, we can have a far greater impact and achieve so much more than we could alone.