Pluto Ventures

Enhancing the crypto and DeFi ecosystem

Collaborating with early stage technology projects

Pluto provides a range of support services to early stage projects including access to our network of contacts, providing advice on token use and tokenomics, assistance with marketing, promotion and community growth.

The value Pluto adds to the projects we support allows these projects to shoot light years ahead, helping them well on their way to the moon and beyond!

Ventures Collaborating
Building Treasury
Building a treasury of major digital assets

Pluto is building out a treasury of crypto holdings across a range of coins and tokens, including the following, which are then put to work to generate Yield:

Major Digital Assets
Curating a collection of digital artwork and NFTs

We are actively assembling influential crypto art works, as well as notable collectible and gaming assets, as we believe strategic investments in these areas will continue to appreciate in value as the ecosystem continues to grow and expand.

Digital Artwork NFT
NFT Collaboration
Collaborating with NFT providers in the NFT Metaverse

We prioritize the procuring of top tier IP and global brand collaborations in order to create unique and desirable NFTs to run on the platforms we support.

Part of the Pluto Venture’s division will focus on the investment and development of NFT related projects, including infrastructure and application layers, as well as tools and platforms to mint, trade and store NFTs.


Project Introduction